Our history

Where we work. And why we exist.

The large windows, the light, the hall of a former machine factory: 
These have been workrooms in which an artisan collective has been working since 1993. Here, special editions and individual pieces are created, historical and valuable objects are restored and materials and colours are experimented with to create new forms and objects of book art.
It was in these rooms that Karen Begemann founded our company as a Master Craftsman’s workshop in 1993.
Karen loved to explore and display the many possibilities of her profession. Every day at work. Together as a team. As head of the Bookbinders’ Guild in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. In her cultural and social commitments. Despite numerous prizes and awards, Karen did not particularly like being in the limelight.
It meant more to her that people of all ages be enthusiastic about bookbinding. That they discover for themselves the detail, care and skill invested in it.

Karen passed away after a long illness on May 7th, 2020. We were long-time business and creative partners. We became friends. When she knew she was leaving, she asked us if we would like to carry on her legacy. These workrooms have now become an important part of our lives. It fits together very well. In this former machine factory, with the light coming through the big windows.
And the people who explore the many possibilities of their profession here every day.

Soraya & Max Kuehne with Gunnar, Nele, Gabriele and Frederike. 

Karen Begemann, unsere Gründerin